Our Approach



What is the firm’s strategy?

What is our approach? Teamwork is the essence  of our firm. This is a foundation for reaching our future. Teams are created not only within specific legal disciplines, but we work on a multi-disciplinary basis and based on the needs of our clients.

JILO teams work at the frontier of commercial developments, creating new approach to commercial problems.  Our  role  is  to  provide  practical,  tailored  solutions  for  our  clients  based  on  a  thorough understanding of their business and its needs. We have the belief that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution.  We  understand  that  each  client  has  intrinsically  different  and  individual  areas  of  focus towards their business.

We do our best to provide clients with the clearest possible advice, in their own language – not legal language. In JILO, we work closely with client to find alternatives, analyse the risks and benefits of each  alternative,  and  the  critical  actions  need  to  be  taken  for  each  alternative.  We make  efforts  to provide affirmative recommendations or try to describe the factors that would favour one solution over another. We know our limit and we may not have the answer of all questions. We will be honest to client and agree to find the answer jointly.

Area of Practices

  • General Corporate
  • Foreign Investment
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Law
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Liquidation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment Law
  • more...
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