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Jakarta International Law Office(JILO)は、弁護士として経験豊富なインドネシア人弁護士と日本人外国法アドバイザー(弁護士資格:日本及びニューヨーク州)が協働して依頼者に法的サービスを提供する、ジャカルタ所在の法律事務所です。 インドネシアは、1998年の民主化以降、法治国家への道を歩んでおり、企業に対するコンプライアンスの要求が強まり、また法律に沿った事業運営及び問題解決がより必要とされるようになりつつあります。 Jakarta International Law Office(JILO)は、そのような傾向のもとインドネシアにおいて事業を展開する企業からの法的サービスのニーズに応えるべく、高度な法律知識、豊富な実務経験、ビジネス感覚に裏付けられた法的サービスを提供しています。


Who are we?

Indonesia has been fully recovering from severe economic crisis of 1997 after relatively stable political environment under Yudhoyono presidency from 2004. Indonesia offers vast opportunities for businesses going forward considering its rich natural resources and large population. To materialize these opportunities and be part of global marketplace, Indonesian legal system needs to be adjusted towards good and clean governance. In this regards, the traditional law firm attitude may not sustain changing demands thus a new radical approach is indispensable.

Upon the spirit of globalization, Jakarta International Law Office (JILO) is established as a commercial law firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The firm is our response to the growing demand for sophisticated legal services with global scope. Indeed, we represent the next generation of lawyers with a clear vision for legal solution in the connected world.

For more specific goals, we would like to assist international companies which intend to or are doing business in Indonesia or Indonesian companies having business activities with foreign companies or individuals. As Indonesia for the time being has been considered as one of the best places for investment in Asian countries, we anticipate the growing needs of legal assistances of many international companies for such purposes.

Fresh formation of visionary people with dreams, imagination, people with ideas, eyes for detail and determination to succeed, JILO is intended to be a modern and advanced law firm with a dynamic and innovative attitude. Most of our lawyers are celebrated leaders in their field. They are dedicated lawyers with long standing experiences in handling legal matters and disputes. We work closely to help each other in realizing our potentials and develop our career objectives. We do believe that one key of success is being our self.

Unlike many other firms, we are not attracted in becoming the biggest and the oldest. Instead, JILO focus on delivering best solution to the client’s problem and ensuring the highest quality of services. We prepare to offer and to deliver the best services to our clients in an extensive variety of legal areas. In spite of everything, we are a client-centric organization that places a great emphasis on our client’s needs.

The firm offers a wide range of services, which encompasses almost all of the commercial matters. It combines potency in major legal business areas with strong global perspective. Our alliance policy, for example, aimed to promote links with other independent international law firms in major jurisdictions. As a newly formed law firm, JILO have successfully gaining recognition that is reflected through our access to international lawyers from several other jurisdictions.

Area of Practices

  • General Corporate
  • Foreign Investment
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Law
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Liquidation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment Law
  • more...
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GKM Green Tower Floor 20
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 89-G,
Jakarta Selatan (12520) - INDONESIA
Phone: +62 21 2949 0519
Email: info@jilolaw.com

Jl. Waru Nomor 8-A, RT. 09, RW. 03,
Gedong, Pasar Rebo,
Jakarta Timur (13760) - INDONESIA
Phone: +62 8778 6151